"Donate for a purpose"

Denim is the staple of modern fashion and a pair or two of denim jeans can be easily found in everyone’s wardrobes. But do you know that most of the denim jeans are discarded within the 2nd year of their use? If you have been throwing away your old jeans, or are planning to do so, beware! The cost of your jeans can now not be measured in the price you bought it in. It is now worth the lifeline of this nation: the education of a child. Take no efforts, just drop your old jeans in one of our collection spots conveniently located across the blue city: Jodhpur in cafes, parks and other such places where we all happen to drop by. When you do happen to check in for your next coffee or a casual walk in the below mentioned places, make sure to drop an old pair of jeans in our collection basked and make your coffee a truly memorable one.
Jodhpur (RJ)

1. The Book Cafe, Dream Heights, CYB-5, Cyber Park, HIA Jodhpur